State-Backed Hackers Exploit Microsoft 'Follina' Bug to Target Entities in Europe and U.S

2022-06-07 - A suspected state-aligned threat actor has been attributed to a new set of attacks exploiting the Microsoft Office "Follina" vulnerability to target government entities in Europe and the U.S. Enterprise security firm Proofpoint said it blocked attempts at exploiting the remote code execution flaw, which is being tracked as CVE-2022-30190 (CVSS score: 7.8). No less than 1,000 phishing messages

Source:, Ravie Lakshmanan

Researchers Warn of Spam Campaign Targeting Victims with SVCReady Malware

2022-06-07 - A new wave of phishing campaigns has been observed spreading a previously documented malware called SVCReady. "The malware is notable for the unusual way it is delivered to target PCs — using shellcode hidden in the properties of Microsoft Office documents," Patrick Schläpfer, a threat analyst at HP, said in a technical write-up. SVCReady is said to be in its early stage of development, with the

Source:, Ravie Lakshmanan

10 Most Prolific Banking Trojans Targeting Hundreds of Financial Apps with Over a Billion Users

2022-06-07 - 10 of the most prolific mobile banking trojans have set their eyes on 639 financial applications that are available on the Google Play Store and have been cumulatively downloaded over 1.01 billion times. Some of the most targeted apps include Walmart-backed PhonePe, Binance, Cash App, Garanti BBVA Mobile, La Banque Postale, Ma Banque, Caf - Mon Compte, Postepay, and BBVA México. These apps alone

Source:, Ravie Lakshmanan

Unpatched Critical Flaws Disclosed in U-Boot Bootloader for Embedded Devices

2022-06-06 - Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed two unpatched security vulnerabilities in the open-source U-Boot boot loader. The issues, which were uncovered in the IP defragmentation algorithm implemented in U-Boot by NCC Group, could be abused to achieve arbitrary out-of-bounds write and denial-of-service (DoS). U-Boot is a boot loader used in Linux-based embedded systems such as ChromeOS as well as

Source:, Ravie Lakshmanan

Be Proactive! Shift Security Validation Left

2022-06-06 - "Shifting (security)" left approach in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) means starting security earlier in the process. As organizations realized that software never comes out perfectly and are riddled with many exploitable holes, bugs, and business logic vulnerabilities that require going back to fix and patch, they understood that building secure software requires incorporating and

Source:, The Hacker News

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